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Here at, our mission is to help people dive into partners culture while they are meeting online. It is convenient Service for men who want to meet Slavic women and discover their cultural peculiarities. We provide an ultimate dating solution for people who suffer from a lack of free time or have any other reason to avoid real-life dating. Our website introduces a huge selection of Dating brides profiles featuring gorgeous, smart and active women ready to meet their potential soul mate. Our website has brought Russian dating services to a new upscale level. Don't waste your chance to meet the girl of your dream!
With so many benefits delivered by technological process out of the box, people tend to forget about real-life communication. They sometimes have their backs against the wall when it comes to live communication. We are more used to interact via mobile devices and social networks rather than meeting new people in public places, theaters, bars, and cafes. The joy of real-life communication experience is about to vanish once and for all.

How Does Our Russian Dating Service Work? stands out from other typical Russian dating services. We try our best to deliver premium-quality love affair assistance. It is not about gathering a collection of profiles for different websites. We through pick each and every candidate before including her in our database. No open registration is available. It means that only ladies ready for marriage complete the registration process and create real accounts on our website.
We never deal with fake profiles. All girls are 100% real and awaiting for your online interaction! Iloveslavic was created with the one and only purpose, which is to match lonely men and women searching for committed relationship despite their location. Sign in with just several clicks away and start your online romantic journey right now!

What Kind of Dating Brides Do We Provide?

Getting access to all Russian girls profiles on our website is easier than ever! Simply complete an easy registration and dive into Slavic World, it is 100% free and takes a couple of minutes. Once you are done, feel free to review all available accounts of Russian and Ukrainian women on our website. There are no membership fees or any hidden charges. Everything is pretty easy and clear. Platform Users pay only for the services they use. Moreover, our website delivers some award-winning free services out of the box. A good chance to put an ease on the wallet and find a gorgeous Russian bride at the same time.
We have developed a user-friendly intuitive web interface. Platform members are not supposed to have any special skills. Opt for our simple navigation tool and implement necessary filters to find the best-matching Ukrainian or Russian girl that meets your likes and preferences. Our advanced searching system lets you find a soul mate that shares the same interests and hobbies. At least, you will have something in common to start a conversation.
Members can benefit from various advanced services including video and live chat. You can both see and hear a chosen girl to ensure she is 100% real and looks the same or even more beautiful than her photos. Take the advantage of our 24/7 support team ready to resolve any issue whether you have a technical or any other problem.

Why Choose Russian Girls?

Russian girls boast their globally recognized beauty and smartness. The same thing is with Ukrainian women and ladies from all Slavic countries. Russian girls have always been the main desire for men from different parts of the world. They are very intelligent, have good manners and still are classy, gorgeous and well-educated. Russian women speak several foreign languages and are rather versatile when it comes to favorite activities and hobbies.
Russian girls and Ukrainian women will never make you feel bored. They are good cooks and have a great value for family, relatives and friends. These qualities make them probably the best potential wives. They know how to treat their men and certainly stand out from other women when it comes to natural beauty and style. Fragile figures, long legs, beautiful eyes, sensual facial features - you will hardly resist the temptation to meet such a woman both online and personal. Our website lets you easily to get in touch with the Russian girl of your dream , get to know her culture and make a couple steps halfway to serious relations and marriage.

Reasons Why Russian Women Look for Husbands Abroad

Many foreigners ask this question when it comes to Russian dating websites. They fail to understand some obvious reasons that force Russian women to find husbands abroad.
Let's highlight the main ones to clarify the things once and for all:
We would lie if we say, Russian Dating do not want to marry locals. The problem is demographic crisis and only few men meet their expectations. For this reason, the only solution to the problem is to find a potential husband abroad. This is where our website will come in handy.

Why Do Russian Women Opt for Dating Websites?

Russian Dating are mainly guided by their expectations of happy future and marriage. Dating websites seem to be the only solution, as a few of them can effortlessly move to foreign countries. Online dating services appear to be the last straw to build serious relationships with a reliable and caring man. Such approach requires specific actions from her as well. We recommend making it clear for a girl you communicate with that you have a real value for marriage.
On the other hand, we can hardly force two people to love each other. There is nothing wrong with becoming good friends as well. Russian and Russian girls can be good fellows as well providing friendship and support whenever you need it. They are rather caring and attentive to other people's problems. This is what makes them stand out and different.

Is Language Barrier a Problem?

No, it is not. Russian women are generally well-educated and speak different foreign languages. At least, you can count on Russian and Ukrainian girls speak English. They get basic English knowledge in what we call high schools. It is a part of Russian general education program.

Tips to Date Russian Girls Online

Online dating will hardly be a challenge even for newbies. You do not have to use any special skills or knowledge. Our website offers a simple and intuitive interface. Simply log in and find a Russian girl you like for the list of profiles. Once you come across a woman you might like to start your online conversation. Our list of online dating tips may come in handy:

Getting Started with a Good Dating Profile

Some men find it difficult to get started creating their online dating profiles. We decided to save your time and put an ease on this process. here are some useful tips that will let you design a catchy account and stand out from dozens of other men. Keep in mind that you are entering a challenging competition to conquer the heart of the woman you like. The tips are as follows:
  1. Start with stunning photos. Upload at least three colored photos of yourself. Black and white photos are hardly a good idea. All images should reflect your current appearance in order to avoid frustration when you meet.
  2. Avoid writing common things similar to information in other profiles. Clichés are off-putting. Try to be unique and original. Do not simply list your qualities and features of character. You are not writing a resume. Tell a catchy story about yourself, add some real-life experience supported by photos.
  3. Keep it positive. Negative tone can scare a woman away. Remember, that she can also feel shy. SO, you need to show off as an easy-going and open-hearted person encouraging a girl on further communication.
  4. Double-Check and edit your profile. Try to avoid any grammar and spelling mistakes.
Always update the information and add some key facts to keep your profile relevant and up-to-date.

Tips to Avoid Online Dating Scams

We provide only real Russian women profiles. Our mission is to deliver scam free service. However, you should be aware of some useful tips that will prevent you from scams: Feel free to contact our 24/7 support team every time you detect the slightest sign of scamming.

Online Communication Tips

A few men are able to start an interesting conversation right at once. The majority fails even to greet a woman they like. Simply saying "Hi" is hardly enough to grab her attention. On the other hand, quoting a poem can also look a bit off-putting. All you need is to express your kind interest in a Russian girl and show it in the first letter. You need to explain why you stressed her from dozens of other profiles. Highlight some of her features you appreciate.
Speak about hobbies and common interests you may share. "Oh, you've been to Bali. I love this place and surf there all the time". Send a photo when surfing to show you have been there. It will also grab the attention. End each letter with a question to continue the conversation. Live chat is a good option to know each other better. Moreover, you can speak with several girls at the same time. There is nothing wrong with it, as you are looking for a wife and evaluate all candidates.

Tips to Find a Russian Wife Online

You are wrong to expect that a lady will marry you after a couple of letters even if you have mutual sympathy. Knowing each other is a long hard road to serious relations. No one wants to get frustrated in the long run. For this reason, you need to act as in real life. Online dating services let you easily send some flowers or a present to express your sympathy. It does not necessarily cost much. A simple teddy bear will turn the things to better.
Always keep in mind that once a girl rejects your offer, it is not the end of the world. Keep on looking for new candidates. Luckily there is no lack of Russian and Ukrainian women looking for husbands abroad. Avoid being too pushy and never rush. On the one hand, it will protect you from scammers. On the other hand, you will establish long-life romantic relations.

Should I Pass Matchmaking Tests?

None of the existing matchmaking tests will ensure happy relations. You actually never know when a simple conversation turns into serious relations. It can be a matter of moment and online chemistry. At the same time, those tests are usually run by machines and computers. They cannot act like humans. Even 100% of compatibility does not guarantee the same precision in real life. However, matchmaking tests can deliver lots of fun out of the box.

Final Word about Russian Online Dating

Unlike most other dating websites, we never charge any hidden fees or extra costs. The registration is 100% free. Users can benefit from a selection of both free and paid services. Even paid ones will hardly be a challenge for your budget due to a fair pricing policy. Benefit from our full-scale online dating features and get an access to a huge list of Russian women profiles free. Complete a free registration and start your romantic journey at!